dimarts, 12 de juny de 2007

Lion's Jaws, de Neko Case

Neko Case és una de les meves cantants preferides, ja sigui en solitari o amb el grup The New Pornographers.

Neko Case

Neko Case (born September 8, 1970 in Alexandria, Virginia) is an American singer-songwriter. Her music is frequently called alternative country, though Case tends to shy away from the label. She recorded and toured as Neko Case & Her Boyfriends before switching to her own name. more...

[via FoxyTunes / Neko Case]

Una cançó:

The Lion's Jaws
You're gone, the trees are so quiet
When your hand was in my pocket
How they swayed from side to side
Now the meddling sky and my snowy eye
Sees a different night

The night I fell into the lion's jaws
To my regret and your delight

Those teeth themselves could not divine
Nor their pressure estimate
The haze I wish to never break
And to never contemplate

Momentum for the sake of momentum
Momentum for the sake of momentum
Of momentum

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